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Open Sesame

his is an incomplete list of our current projects and some from the past, future, and other such alternate dimensions of reality


Whistle Stop Cafe 2001


the chatt

coffee cups

the golden

Josh at

Escape Necropolis

                Lee Rucker




Tactual Thereputics


Paul Warhbuns


d3ft Locations

The Blue Fox Project 2004-2015

In 2004 The Blue Fox fund started out as a d3ft project to increase awareness of the mass killings of the Hairless Blue Fox (Vulpes Caerulea Xoloescuinceles), in northern Mexico and the Texas borderlands, by senseless farmers who actually believed this harmless animal is a mystical bogeyman known in spanish as "chupa-cabra". Through the course of our skeptical analysis of the bizarre culture surrounding this supposed "vampire alien" we have discovered the all too real nightmare of a substantial human trafficking epidemic, a scandal of magnicificant proportion. Well funded drug and racketeering cartels are exploiting our planets most valuable resource: children. There's clearly a contingency of influential Americans; former military and private security contractors and media companies who continue to insist you just brush it off as hysteria and panic. But it's currently a major global problem. The problem hits home in a real way but some how goes "unnoticed" by the mainstream media. Please have a look at the work done by US Senator Jon DeCamp in the book titled "The Franklin Cover-up", which has been republished several times with more information (on this continuing scandal) since the nineteen-eighties when it was first written.  

Since the start of our first blue fox project, we have taken up several activist endeavors. We are working to end organized crime in government. We are changing the landscape for criminals abusing asset forfeitures and human traficking (profiting from incarceration and homelessness epidemics in the US) and racketeering (coersive, malicious prosecution) There are many problems in your community, things you can do something about, this is why we encourage you to stop consuming your valuable time with such things as celebrity gossip and sports statistics, hollywood fiction, fifth ave musts, your facebook status and other nonsense diversions placed there for you by men who are stealing your future.

Please help the d3ft investigate, inform and by internalizing values which will help our causes.

Please remember to pray for the safety of missing and exploited children.

Straight donations are always welcome, and needed. In U.S. and Canada personal checks
or money orders are fine, internationally; Western Union and Moneygram, and of course we prefere AustinHours.
Click Here


Hours Project [Austin] 2015 A professionals' time exchange network for barter, gift and trade. A lawful method for tendering private debt based on an a redeemable and insured hour of time. Similar to Ithaca Hours but valued initially at aprox. 400 per hour. Look for them in small publications circulating in Austin TX

River Forest Farms 2014 - present
organic farm, a work in progress check back for details and updates.

Albert has planted several fruit and nut trees.
I encouraged him to plant dill and parsely for pressing.

Freshies 2014 - Present
Socks for our homeless friends
d3ft only provided the name for this wonderful and very helpful resource for homeless men and women in Austin TX. All the Direction execution and project management are done by Liani from River Forest Farms

Invisible Dispensary
Like it or not they're legal now and run by excops and gulf war veterans. durango, sante fe, newark, san diego


Specialty gourmet nut butters and tasty baked pastries.
Fall special: almond butter and cherry cordial preserves on a grilled croisant only 5.75

Thirsty Friday
Fruit and veggie smoothies and juices. Seeking Seed funding. Still in the bootstrapping phase of startup Plan to open in 2016

Space 2.0 Mobile app
2012. a bicycle trailer version of the spacebar. (WiFi enabled)
Totally unlicensed anarchist coffee cart. Fire roasted coffee is prepared by a (licensed) caterer who cleans and fills the air pot. Yeah, Catch us if you can. This project is still in the prototype stage of development. We hope to have a fleet of these in the next years a few. Viva Aufueria!


the Perry Scratch joint venture
we've wanted to work with scratch on this project for 3 years. It's taken us this long to get our "shtt" together.

Luis Roman Cuenisense Solutions
Luis uses Embeded RTOS network solitions to track markets on nasdaq operated shell-less from the white space.

Curb Alert
2012 Door to door curb address stencil painting service. It's simple shoestring ingenuity

Flying Saucer driving service
Operated from 2009-2011 in Austin Tx by Jay Jones who has since returned to university for post graduate studies in the physical sciences.

Wild Dream
1999-Present started by Jereme Rucker to support development of "escape necropolis" a FP single player strategy PC game built upon the Unigine 3d engine. This is more of a hobby as focus has shifted to economic development Farbura and other projects .

started in 2003 by Jereme Lee Rucker to develop a file management application written in OpenCL and C++
(with an ERP & CDN backend) . The project, a disruptive technology, is in seeking seed funding to incubate and finish development and mid-range VC for Systems Integration, Legal, and PR costs
Call to schedual a demo.

Franklin Financial Services 2011
Charles Bishop Austin TX
Franklin is a brilliant and unique animal.
Charles bishop has a provisional patent on a business process which makes credit cards "cheaper" for consumers by grouping consumers by fica scores into leverage unions. It's a great IP one of the best plans we've seen. Charles borrowed an old iPod from the d3ft and did not return it. He says It was stolen from him.

Rockridge Consulting
Jim Herbert engineering, consulting expediting licensing.
Rockridge a well established consultancy, only shared office space and the cost of Internet services with the d3ft in the Travis building in 2011.

Cuenisense Solutions Luis Roman

CJC Media
2010-? started by Cody J Couch in Omaha NE to support Galaxy Raider, a 3d FPS mmorpg built on Unity3d. We tutored Cody on Unity and got him up to speed in interactive development. We've lost touch with Cody. Our only guess: he's been driven underground. Last heard he's in Dallas Texas.

New Mexico and four corners biodiesel
John Mccall, and his side kick Mark
We used the FuelmiesterII to make our home brew for about a buck eighty a gallon. It would have been a good deal if diesel had hovered around $5 for a while. It was an interesting lesson on how biodiesel, with the methanol and all, isn't the most eco friendly venture the In addition to extraction and brewing of fuel d3ft designed the logo and developed a web site for John and Mark.

Tactual Thereputics
D3ft designed the logo for Tactual Thereputics (now Evlogia) in exchange for some beautiful creative writing work from the multi-talented Tonya Magar (now Tonya Iosa) we have, like so many others, lost touch with Tonya, If you know her; send our warmest regards.

Jerky Stand 2003-2010-silverton CO
Paul's jerky stand sold for $xxx,xxx in 2010.
The d3ft's one commercial kitchen in Durango facilitated paul's boucherie for a spell.
We are grateful to paul for enlightening us with his Fucoult/Marxist (anarchist) philosophy and leftist university indoctrination (he's also a college professor where he Founded the native-american theatre field of studies) We were endeared to his frequent "agenteuring". In 2007, in a surprise move, (exhibiting his anarchist nature) Paul Wrathbone PhD stole about $7000 worth of audio equipment and art work from the d3ft. Yeah buddy!

The Spacebar A French Press Internet Cafe
2004-2008 A community coffee shop, coop characterized by hideous sofas, Computers, hippies, serving eggnog cappuccino 247365 in Durango colorado.

The Chattanooga 2004-2005.
Stephen Wiler
d3ft provided hosting, developed the new web site and new menus. Silverton watched the Wiler family as they bought a viable, established restaurant business in Silverton Colorado which was run by an old couple who wanted to retire. The Wilers (with five kids) employed another couple (with ten hungry kids) to run the 'Chatt', expecting it to support all twenty of them and their pets. Despite our recommendations They refitted the place with a new griddle, which it did not need. They decided to shut down during december to save money. It was interesting to see them squeezing all the honey out of the plastic honey-bear containers because, they said, it would spoil while they were closed for the winter season. We try our best but sometimes there's just no reasoning with entrepreneurs.

0utsider's Inn B&B 2004-present
Jereme Rucker, Jan Robinette, Rosanna 'Banana' Mathers. A quaint bed and breakfast in historic Silverton Colorado. 1316 Empire
in 2006 Jan (aka Jason) embezzled about $15,000 mostly from Rosanna who still runs Outsiders' as a Skiers hostel (she doesn't cook breakfast). Jan developed a sophisticated real estate scam with Jim Lindeman (Coldwell Banker) they defrauded Jereme of about $3000 and got Rosanna for $10,000 in undervalued real property and computers and equipment. In the process jan destroyed a lovely rental which provided Outsiders a tidy monthly income.

The Whistle stop Cafe est. 9/11 2001
2001-2003 Jereme Rucker with help from Robert Gafford. This was our first serious Entrepreneurship, the Whistle Stop was an immediate success, as well as an invaluable lesson on partnering with family.
a fast food establishment. We served burgers and fries, indian fried bread, Pizza, and Nachos) in Gordon TX Bob stole the company car, a 1983 300 DL. Thanks uncle hypocrate


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